The 888Live London Festival continued on Wednesday 19th October when the High Roller kicked off at 3pm with a host of big names. Making an appearance in the spacious 888poker branded room at Aspers Casino Westfield were such luminaries as Team 888poker Pros Dominik Nitsche and Sofia Lovgren and 888poker Ambassadors Kara Scott and Chris Moorman.

Big Names Play High Roller

Joining the 888 Team Players were Big One for One Drop winner Antonio Esfandiari, Michael “Grinder” Mizrachi, Melanie Weisner, Tom Middleton and ex-footballer Teddy Sheringham.

The High Roller was a £2,000 unlimited re-entry event, and by the close of registration, there were 37 entries and 10 re-entries.

The 45-minute dinner break before the close of registration was a chance for 888poker to host a welcome party in the VIP section of the Sky Bar in the casino. The food, drink and conversation flowed as the players caught up with each other and Cappuccino Martinis proved to be a hit with a number of guests.

Nitsche and Grinder Bust on Day 1

It was soon back to the poker, though, and down to the last few levels of the night. It was not to be Dominik Nitsche’s day as he fired three bullets with the final one seeing him shove with pocket queens. The three-time WSOP bracelet winner was all-in pre-flop for 25,500 and was up against Elias Christodoulou with Jack-Ten of hearts. A flush finished off Nitche's hopes.

Michael Mizrachi started like a runaway train, doubling up early on through Tom Middleton, but he too would bust before the close of Day 1 when his Queens ran into Luke Haward’s Jacks. A jack on the river put paid to Grinder’s tournament.

At the end of 12 levels of play, there were just nine players left and Eric Le Goff was the chip leader.

When the seat draw was made the final table of nine looked like this:

Seat /Name Chips
1: Jason Ross 186,000
2: Eric Le Goff 444,000
3: Matas Cimbolas 154,000
4: Chris Moorman 395,000
5: Robert Heidorn 425,000
6: Tom Middleton 395,000
7: Luke Haward 436,000
8: Antonio Esfandiari 287,000
9: Jamie Roberts 93,000

Final Day

Cards were in the air on Friday at 3pm for the final day of the High Roller and, with just six places being paid, there would be three more players going home empty handed. Two of the short stacks were eliminated early in play as first Jamie Roberts fell and then Jason Ross.

Matas Cimbolas Bubbles

Lithuanian Pro, Matas Cimbolas, was the other short stack and he would be the unlucky bubble. He found a hand to shove, but his pocket sixes were called by Tom Middleton who tabled pocket kings.

The Magician Disappears

Esfandiari was eliminated in 6th spot. He flopped top pair with Ace-Seven on a flop of Five-Ace-Five, but Tom Middleton was running good and held King-Five. A king on the turn gave Middleton a full-house and a shove on the river saw The Magician look him up after some thought and he was off to collect £5,100.

German Pro Robert Heidorn was eliminated in 5th for £7,700 in a standard flip. His Ace-Queen couldn’t improve against the pocket nines of Moorman with all the chips going in preflop.

New 888poker Ambassador Chris Moorman, who has just released his second book, was eliminated in 4th place. Luke Haward opened for 35,000 from the button. Eric Le Goff raised to 85,000 from the small blind, and Chris Moorman moved all-in from the big blind. Haward folded, and Le Goff called.

Moorman had tens, but Le Goff held aces, and a blank runout saw Moorman eliminated in 4th place for £10,300.

No Deal Three Handed

The remaining three players discussed a deal, but couldn’t come to an agreement so played on.

Luke Haward went in 3rd place after having got very short stacked. He called a shove from Middleton. But, although Haward had the best of it with Ah4h as Middleton had 6h2h, the board ran out 9d6s5s3c3d and Le Goff was out.

Play was fairly cautious as the heads-up battle began but soon a big hand was brewing.

Eric Le Goff limped on the button, and Tom Middleton called. The flop was Qh4h2c, and Le Goff continued for 16,000. Middleton called and the turn was the Tc.

Le Goff bet 30,000 and Middleton called. The river was the Ks, and Le Goff bet a hefty 120,000. Middleton thought for a while before calling and mucking when Le Goff showed Kc4c.

”I’m breathless. All-in anyway soon.” Middleton said as he was left short-stacked and they went on a break.

Le Goff Takes it Down

It didn’t take long for the premonition to be confirmed. Tom Middleton shoved his remaining chips with Qs6s and Eric Le Goff called with Ad3c.

Middleton had just doubled up a few hands before with Jh2h against TdTh, and he was looking to do it again, but the board ran out 3d2d9d4s9h and the comeback was not to be.

Middleton collected £18,400 for second.

Le Goff was elated to be crowned the new High Roller champion, collecting his trophy as well as £30,000.

Final Standings and Pay Outs

1st Eric Le Goff £30,000
2nd Tom Middleton £18,400
3rd Luke Haward £13,100
4th Chris Moorman £10,300
5th Robert Heidorn £7,700
6th Antonio Esfandiari £5,100
7th Matas Cimbolas 0  
8th Jason Ross 0
9th Jamie Roberts 0
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